Thursday, 8 December 2011

Where, oh where, oh where is Emily?

So go the cries that I have been hearing in the blogging world...not so much. But I will explain. I think I mentioned in my last post that somehow Google has become inaccesible on my laptop...I can't log in to blogger or youtube, because they both run through Google. I can't explain it. I can't change it. So it's very difficult for me to find time on another computer to write on here. But here I am, in the library, meant to be doing understand.

Well, what have I been doing? Of course, the biggest change in my life has been starting my PGCE in Primary Teaching, which is amazing and surprising and frustrating and the hardest work I have ever done in my life, but also - so far - the most rewarding. During the first two weeks in November I undertook my first placement teaching Year 1 children (I had the most amazing class), and it went really, really well. The feeling you get at the end of a lesson when children have actually undersootd you, had fun and learned's inexplicable. There is so much surrounding teaching that makes it difficult and, at times, feel completely pointless, but when you're there, actually doing it, it is fantastic and I love it. In January I start my first assessed placement teaching a mixed Year 4/5 class at a school in Hull. It's all exciting stuff.

Another marvellous thing that happened was that I finally graduated! For some odd reason, York St John wait until November to have their graduation ceremonies. It was one of my favourite ever days. Because I hadn't seen anyone since before I went away to Italy (IN JUNE) it was an absolutely magic reunion. The ceremony itself was beautiful, my parents looked very proud, and I swished around like Harry Potter in my robes. In the evening things got a bit messy with the old group (Hayley, Steph and Ruth) and I woke up with a horrific hangover. At the weekend after my graduation, my family had a big party for me. Epic times all round.