Thursday, 26 August 2010

When she kissed me it felt like a headbutt

She says that life is like a jungle and not like a zoo,
Participate, don't spectate, become the view.
Man, if Scarface said it it's just got to be true,
So this world, this world right here, this world is for you.

'Headbutt' - The King Blues

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rome - Part 2

That jacket is even more beautiful in real life.

John Keats' grave

Inspire #5 - Florence Welch

Hi Florence, I love you. Will you be my girlfriend please? I'll buy you pretty dresses and intellectual novels and hair dye and stuff....
(This is my favourite picture of her possibly ever ^)
When I was away, about 15 different people told me that I look like Florence. Yah, I WISH. I think it is because both Flo and I have red hair and super long pale legs (omg, we might as well be twins! But seriously. I loved it.)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

90's Icon - Daria

Combat boots - check. Winter green jacket - check. Whimsical orange shirt - check. Oversized glasses - check. Pale, skinny legs sticking out of a cute-but-very-uncute-because-of-the-boots skirt - check check check.

Daria was my idol when I was growing up. She spoke in a monotone, she was sarcastic as hell, she looked tough, she had wicked hair and she was cool. I, too, was a skinny, pale, bespectacled teenager, so Daria was basically my poster girl. I also had a bit of a thing for Jane Lane, Daria's death-staring, PPQ-esque playsuit wearing, super skinny BFF (and incidentally owner of one of the best names ever). That red blazer was a source of much jealousy in my younger years.

Rome - the first 16 hours.

This is me with my brother. We are hilarious.

This is me obviously loving the airport.
Bye England!
Hi Italy!
I totally rock the pale tourist look.

My laptop is so slow that it literally takes about four days to upload one photo. I forget this when I promise travel pictures. MORE TOMORROW

Monday, 23 August 2010

The Alexa Effect

And so begins yet another Alexa Chung post...

Yes yes yes, I have just been camping for two weeks (I fcking HATE camping), but on Friday I will be shivering and sleeping under canvas once again because it is the last festival of the summer season, LEEDS FEST.

I despise Leeds Festival. Loathe it. It is full of whiny teenage brats whose daddy bought them their ticket as a summer holiday present, and everyone wears those tacky straw trilbys and thinks they're a Kooks groupie, or something. It's a festival for posers and for kids who think that they are so cool just because they're at a festival, and woah, aren't they hardcore for wearing wellies and not combing their hair for four days. Yay!

But the line-up is A M A Z I N G.

The Libertines. Blink 182. Frankie and the Heartstrings. Mumford and Sons. The King Blues. Weezer. We Are Scientists. Alkaline Trio. Pendulum. ENTER SHIKARI. It is the sort of line up that I have dreams about. So of course I have to go.

And of course, because it is Leeds Fest afterall, I have to dress up. And here enters Alexa Chung.

Nobody dresses for festivals like the Chung. She is perfect. She is sitting in a field, eating salmonella burgers, drinking Strongbow and dancing to bands perfect. And so below are the looks that I am going to attempt to emulate (weather permitting, of course).

But no doubt this is what I will need to wear. It is England, afterall.