Friday, 26 March 2010

Finally, something I'm good at...

Procrastinating is probably the only skill that I have down to T. What a depressing thought. Even now as I write this I have an essay (due in in less than 12 hours) that needs writing. I really need to sort myself out.

Perhaps choosing to study English Literature at university was a bad choice. I should've realised from the start that the course involved copious essay writing. In my defense, nobody warned me that it was all coursework and no exams (as a procrastinator, I far, far prefer exams - there's a structured length of time and it doesn't really leave room for putting off). Essay writing is just so tedious. "Look at the way the body as a space changes with landscape and interior and exterior spaces in The Awakening and Thelma and Louise"? Why do I need to answer this? Who wants to read that, seriously?

So, in my last moment of rest before I attempt to tackle that most gripping of subjects - American 'Space and Place' Literature - here are a few pictures that, each in their own way, make me a little bit happy.


  1. I hope you got your essay all done and handed in! !

  2. I did thank you :D But only barely...


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