Monday, 7 March 2011

Brideshead Visited

Bloody hell, it was cold today. Walking from the car to work this morning I was shivering so hard that I've made my shoulders ache. It's drastically different to yesterday, when I went out with only a hoodie and jacket, not my usual 12 layers of arctic-weather clothing. Why isn't it summer yet? How inconsiderate the seasons are.

On Saturday night I watched Brideshead Revisited (the new, Matthew Goode/Ben Whishaw version) for the first time. What a sad, sad story. I mean, I loved it, but it was so sad. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it because I'm not normally one for any type of cotume drama. Then again, I do tend to be attracted to tales of heartbreak and loneliness, so that might explain it.

The film inspired my family and I to take a trip to Castle Howard, where both the old and the new version of Brideshead Revisited were filmed. I think the house is closed during winter so we just went round the grounds and gardens, but it is such a stunning place. The really epic thing though is that the Howard family actually still live there. A family actually still owns it and lives in one side of it (the private side, where the public can't go. But they do use the public areas as well when everyone leaves, or so I've read). It would be insanely cool to live in a stately home. It's a small (and of course achievable) dream of mine to one day live in a place like Castle Howard.

Another grand day out in Yorkshire with my family. And more sunshine please?

It's my brother's 20th birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REES!


  1. I genuinely do not know how to express the jealousy I am feeling right now. One of my absolute favorite films and Ive been nagging the fam for a trip to castle howard for yonks! Beautiful photos, glad you had such an ace day :) x

  2. Lizzie, you have to go! Except, wait until you can go in the house as well because it's beautiful! I only live like an hour away though, so it's not too bad for me x

  3. its quite intimidating how grand and beautiful it is. stunning.

    i have yet to see the original but i think id like to read the book first. remins of wings of a dove. with helen bonham-carter xx

  4. Hello, thanks for the comment, I thought I was following you already but I am now :p I watched Brideshead too, loved it! V jealous you got to go and lounge on the steps where Sebastian and Charles were drinking wine... I love Ben Whishaw, although he's a bit camp in this (as he should be) but still, yum. xx

  5. I'd love to go on a trip there! such beautiful photos!

  6. This looks absolutely amazing. I love visiting castles - there's something so dreamy and beautiful about them!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful day xxx

  8. this is rather lovely.

    i hope your brother has a wonderful birthday :)


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