Thursday, 24 March 2011

taken for a fool

It seems like the only time I ever post anymore is when I have an essay due the next day. Case in point: 2300 more words to do for tomorrow morning. Classic Emily. But I can't put this off any longer. I have to talk about The Strokes new album.
How amazing is it?! Has everyone listened to 'Angles' yet? I've been psyched for this album since the beginning of last year or whenever, when they announced that it was going to happaen. The Strokes were one of the seminal bands of my early teenage years; they were the band who really got me into indie music, and in turn I started listening to The Libertines, which really changed everything about music for me.'Angles' is kind of the most beautiful album I own. It's quite different to the traditional Strokes stuff, but it is still so obviously them. My favourite tracks are You're So Right, which has this creepy, almost ethereal feel to it that I adore; Metabolism, because it has this insane twangy bit in the middle that I can't get over, and Under Cover of Darkness, the first single from the album and probably the most Strokes-y song on there. I've been listening to the album almost non-stop since Monday and I still can't properly deal with it. Completely epic.

Speaking of epic, how stunning is the Leeds Fest line up this year? I freaked out when I saw it; it is PERFECT. I'm finally going to see Julian Casablancas in person. And Jarvis Cocker. And loads of my other faves are there, too. Literally cannot wait.

Just a cheeky bit of Julian's delicious face to finish with:


  1. I can't wait for Leeds Fest! My boyfriend managed to find Angles before it came out; it's amazing isn't it? x

  2. The Stroke were the headliners to a festival I attended last year, and I really loved their set (or what I heard from it anyway!). I haven't given their record a listen yet, but maybe I should?

  3. i'm going to leeds and it actually hasnt sunk in yet that i will be seeing these guys! HOW EXCITING PLEASE?! x
    P.s i so agree, best album ive heard in a while!


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