Friday, 22 April 2011


I wish I could say that my recent absence has been because my life is so filled with fun and exciting activities that I simply haven't had time to blog, but I would be lying. Literally my entire life at the moment revolves around these two things:

The Maine.
You know when you start listening to a band and from the very first line in the very first song you can tell that they are going to entirely consume your life? Yes. Well. It happened with me and The Maine, which is ridiculous because their audience is primarly 15 year old girls who wear fluorescent coloured hoodies and poorly applied eyeliner, but, you know, you can't fight the calling of music. Also, I'm fairly certain that the singer, John O'Callaghan, is my soul mate. Just a feeling.

My dissertation.
What an absolute joke this is turning out to be. I JUST CANNOT DO IT. My brain won't form sentences. I read pages and pages of research but I cannot retain any of it. I'm starting to panic a little bit now.

But I am still alive! And hopefully, hopefully, I will have some exciting news soon about summer, but I don't want to jinx it by mentioning just yet. Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone has a lovely easter. I gave up chocolate for lent so I'm pretty psyched about that being over on Sunday. As soon as I get this 10,000 word long essay done I'll be able to catch up on everyone's blogs again, but until then and until I can be bothered to write something again, adieu!

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  1. Ah a dissertation... yuck. I'm on a mid-semester break that's been dubbed a "study break" by my lecturers, so I totally feel your pain about having assignments/essays/tests to do :(

    P.S. good luck!


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