Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ho intenzione di avere un buon tempo

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I might have some exciting news about my plans for summer...well, they have been confirmed now so I can actually talk about them without worrying about jinxing it! Basically, I have been offered a place to go and teach English to Italian kids in summer camps all over Italy. How epic is that? You get to live with actual Italian families and they cover everything for you, food, living costs, travel etc whilst you're in Italy. Plus you get weekends off for sightseeing AND you get paid for doing it. I applied for it at the beginning of April and the application process has been really hard; I had to come up with some extensive lesson plans, brush up on my grammar to answer some questions and research songs suitable for Italain children to sing that teaches them English, but I have a place!

I'm so excited I can barely handle it. Obviously how long I get to stay out there depends on how well I do with the teaching and how many students apply for the camps, but hopefully I'll be there from the middle of June for about eight or ten weeks, with one or two weeks off for travelling. Pretty cool, right?
San Remo, where the training course for teaching at the camps is held.


  1. OMG I'm SOOO happy for you!!! Have the best time ever, and eats lots of pastaaaaa xxx

  2. I'm so jealous of you. Not of the working part (although that actually sounds pretty mint), but of being in Italy surrounded by all it's loveliness all summer. So cool!

  3. Oh wow that sounds amazing! Well done you :) x

  4. Actually, I'm very jealous - came to love Italy last year when we went to Rome (not that hadn't been there before but it was different going there with my friend rather than the entire family!)!

  5. I'm almost beyond envious! :') Welldone, Emily <3


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