Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"I go to seek a Great Perhaps"

"...for we are engaged here in the most important pursuit in history: the search for meaning. What is the nature of being a person? What is the best way to go about being a person? How did we come to be, and what will become of us when we are no longer? In short: what are the rules of this game and how might we best play it?"

Through the epicness that was researching, writing and completing my dissertation, I didn't get much chance to read anything just for pleasure. I felt too guilty about reading something that couldn't be used in my essay, so I have only just gotten around to reading a book that I have wanted to get my hands on for aaages: John Green's Looking For Alaska.

Without a doubt it is one of the most stunning books I have ever read. The characters are fabulous and hilarious and real (despite being slightly Doulgas-Coupland-ish a couple of times in their speech) and the ideas that the novel offer on life and love and death are beautiful. It's intelligent and funny and tragic and so special. I don't want to explain the plot or anything because it spoils it, kind of, but this book is my recommendation for this month. Truly fabulous.

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