Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today I handed my dissertation in:


An exploration of the themes of gender, alienation and consumer culture in Blank Fiction texts American Psycho, Fight Club and Generation X.

A Research Project presented as part of the requirement for the degree of B.A. (Hons) English Literature (Specialist).

For the past few weeks, almost my entire life has existed around that essay. Around American Psycho and Fight Club and Generation X and gender and consumerism and alienation. Knowing that I will never again have to flip through Generation X attempting to find a fitting quote as to why the novel promotes the idea of escape from a consumerist society is the most major relief. But whilst actually having the 51-page essay bound and handed in was terrifying - it signifies a very near end to my course and also a huge chunk of my final mark so if I did poorly it's going to really pull my mark down - it was also one of the most gratifying things I have ever experienced. To have laboured over something and thought about something for so long and to finally have it there, finished, in front of you, was an oddly touching moment for me. Kind of pathetic, I know, but the topic I wrote on was something I really cared for and felt strongly about so it meant a lot to me. Fingers crossed now that the pain and (literally) sleepless nights and unpaid days from work and back ache from carrying sacks of books to and from the library and possible soul-poisoning from staring at my laptop for so many hours on end will all be worth it (and gets me at least a 2:1).


  1. wow well done. i know how you are feeling right now and i had two to do. such a relief and weird feeling. i felt like 'ok now what am i going to do'. good luck im sure you'll do fine. xxxx

  2. Ah congratulations, I'm sure it must be such an ace feeling. I miss writing, I'm studying Engineering which has a distinct lack of culture. Hope it goes well for you, I'm sure you did excellently :)

  3. Well done on the hand in! Sounds like an interesting dissertation topic. I remember only too well the satisfaction of giving back all the books to the library.. xx

  4. wow, that sounds really interesting!
    hope you do well ^__^


  5. oh wow, heavy going topic right there. sounds interesting at least! (i mean, could you imagine doing a dissertation on a boring subject? you'd be considering suicide before finishing your plan) good luck (: xo

  6. That's so amazing. Good luck sweetie. x hivenn


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