Tuesday, 4 January 2011

two thousand and ten is dead

And now for the ubiquitous new year post.

Happy New Year! I meant to post this three days ago, but I have been really busy (read: lazy) so I haven't had the time (read: haven't been bothered) to write anything. I hope everybody had a grand New Year's Eve; possibly for the first time in my life, I actually really, really enjoyed NYE. Normally I hate it. My extreme panic-inducing phobia of time passing and getting old and the future becoming the present means that New Year is normally my least favourite night of the whole year, but not this time. 2011 started off quite literally with a bang, as I went to my party with some family and friends and much consumption of sambuca and oohing and aahing at fireworks commenced. I completely forgot that it was now the year that I have to finish university and move on with my life...yep, I just reminded myself and ruined it. Dayyum.

2010 was the best year of my life so far, without a doubt. A few bad things happened, but mostly it was all good vibes. I travelled across Europe and saw so many places that I have always wanted to see. I met some amazing new people. I saw so many incredible bands, so that now with the exception of David Bowie and possible Morrissey, I have now seen every band I ever want to see. I have also really gotten involved at university this year, so studying has just been a pleasure for me. Especially this past semester. My Romantics course hasn't even felt like work.

Speaking of work, that is something that I am going to have to focus on as soon as the holidays are over (which is tomorrow). Not just university work (which I do need to crack on with), but also actual job work, as my job as a receptionist at York Hospital has just been cut, so I am now unemployed. A big thank you to the Con-Dem twat factory of evil for that; it is just what I need when we're all struggling for money. So I am going to go looking for a job this week.

I'll finish off with something positive, because I promised myself that I would stop being scared of whatever was going to happen to me and start looking forward to it. Ok, maybe not looking forward to it, but at least accepting it. If I get into uni next year to do my PGCE, then great. If I don't then I'll have to find soemthing else to do. If my friends and I keep in touch when uni is over, then fantastic. But if not, at least I'll have tried. And so I wrote a few New Year's resolutions, and I figured that maybe if I have them on my blog, which I actually go back and read from time to time, maybe I'll stick to them, unlike if they're tucked away in my diary which I can never stand to read over. I wrote these at 1am on New Year's Day when I was drunk with tiredness, which is why they sound so sappy and Miss America. But here goes. I'm sorry for the long, rambling post - if you read this far then you are a diamond. Happy New Year!

  1. Work as hard as I can to get the best possible final mark at university.
  2. Be more careful with money - SAVE SOME so I can hopefully go travelling in Italy in the summer.
  3. Get fit. Not to lose weight, but just so that I can climb some stairs without almost passing out. I used to be a champion runner, you know.
  4. Be nice to people, as in, be less of a bitch. Learn patience. Learn to control my temper.
  5. Write. Write my diary often. Write towards my book. Write down all my ideas, constantly, to keep things flowing in my head.
  6. Slow down. Look at things and appreciate things. See the world. Walk slower. Take more photos.
  7. Continue drawing. Start painting.
  8. GET ORGANISED. Clear all the shit out of my room that I don't need (which is most of it).
  9. Don't Worry - Be Happy. Live and love. Don't be angry. Screw those people who aren't giving anything back. Enjoy your life and everything and everyone worthwhile in it. Otherwise, what is the point?


  1. Some great resolutions, some of mine are the same really! Travelling in Italy would be amazing x

  2. good luck with the job search - stay optimistic! and all of your resolutions sound wonderful :)

  3. good luck!
    Happy New Year!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Happy 2011! ;)

    Ciao ciao From Rome


  5. I loved this post... Personally, this NYE was a bit of an anticlimax but yours sounded perfect :)

    y resolutions are pretty much the same (I'm so paranoid that I'm an awful person/conplainy/bitchy etc :( )
    Hope you've had a good 2011 so far x

  6. Great list.
    Could be mine...
    I hope that 2011 is good to you and these items get crossed off.


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