Friday, 14 January 2011

the social network

It's 2:08am and I have just finished watching The Social Network. I missed it when it came out at the cinema, but I saw it in a, cough, totally legal way on the internet (never fear, internet people, I will definitely buy the DVD when its released). I loved it. For a film that is 99.8% super-fast talking and 0.02% minimal action (a bed gets set on fire...of course), it was astonishingly captivating. Maybe it was Jesse Eisenberg's killer condescension (I took notes - Eisenberg, you astound me). Maybe it was because I was waiting for those tiny glimpses of Joe Mazzello in every fifth scene (yeah, he has a ridiculous nose, but I find him adorable and his performance in The Pacific makes me want to cry whenever I think about it it was so good). Maybe it was because I was hoping to see Justin Timberlake get a good smack. Whatever it was, I was hooked. Completely amazing, actually quite fascinating, and enough Andrew Garfield to give me hectic dreams for a couple of nights. Everything I need in a film, really.
And er, yeah, so Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman. I knew that. What I didn't know was that he was going to look like this: WOAH.


  1. Since watching the social network, my husband whom is a computer geek he now says- can't talk I am plugged in.

  2. I missed it too I'll definatley be getting the DVD it looked amazing!
    Oh and WOAH indeed ;D x


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