Wednesday, 26 January 2011

monkey faces

Quite ironically, after my last post, my period of rest has come to an abrupt end. For now, at least. I have been offered some more work at the hospital, which means I will actually get paid something at the end of February and hopefully March now. Holla!

I met up with my pal Ruth for lunch today; we went to old Nando's, my favourite place in the whole wide world. Because I was actually wearing something other than jeans and three layers of cardigans and sweaters, I took a photo before I set off.

I haven't worn this much colour since about 2001. The dress is a cheap one I got before my travels last summer and the cardigan is from River Island. My parents took me shopping as part of my christmas present, and this is one of the things that I got. It isn't something I would normally choose, but the pattern looks like monkey faces! And while I hate all monkeys with a fearful passion, these make me chuckle every time I wear it. Simple minds, and all that. The boots are from a charity shop and the bag is vintage (I just found it in my room the other day after completely forgetting I had it. I rejoiced).

Check out my hallway, very swish.

Also, I just realised you cannot see the monkey faces at all on my cardigan. How embarrassing that I told a whole story about them.


  1. hospital work sounds cool,
    and i love the colours you wore in that photo,contrastful and nice print mix!
    check out my current giveway !xx

  2. You can kind of see the monkey faces. Either way, I'm totally digging the outfit. You look lovely! And me and the boy used to live in Nando's before moving. The nearest one now's like 87 miles or something ridiculous... x

  3. Love the combination of colours in your outfit :)

    No, no - but there is a monkey face on your left sleeve!

  4. that dress is very chic. lovely colour
    oh and also i got collection of john keats. beautiful poems. thanks for the help on that

    E x

  5. aww thank you. well i try extra hard to proof read everything i write. silly really.
    but yes am loving keats. feel inspired to write some epic love poem.
    Em x

  6. Oh my gosh, I hate all monkeys (esp. apes) with a fearful passion too!!

    Also, The outfit and hallway are both amazing :)


  7. really liking the cardi! i will have to zoom in and investigate these monkey faces :)

  8. I wasn't sure whether to comment back on my own blog, or yours, so I chose yours :)
    I was very bad, I looked up the ending online. I really thought Lily was a complete hallucination, that she didn't exist at all.. Damn you internet for giving me the ending so freely!! Still think I'll have to see the whole thing again though, the ballet was just so pretty.

    But yes, anyway, I would love to become penpals. If you would like to email me your address, or vice versa, I can be contacted at .
    Looking forward to hearing from you :)

    P.S. I love your red hair so so much.



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