Sunday, 6 February 2011


Thank you to anyone who wished me luck for my interview on Thursday - my silence since then wasn't because I imploded with panic and died in the interview room. No, it is simply laziness on my part. Also, I have tragically become addicted to Tumblr and because everyone I follow posts almost constantly, it takes me hours and days to keep up. I'm probably going to have to give it up soon because it is taking over my already hostile and anti-social life.

The interview (to get into university in September to train become a primary school teacher) actually went quite well - the exam was very difficult and the group task was intense, but the individual interview seemed to go swimmingly. Or so I am hoping (it could end up being one of those cases where you think you've done amazingly in an exam and then WABAM, you get a big fat F).

So I really haven't been doing anything else - as always. On Thursday night I went to Hayley's and we ate and ate and ate and maybe drank a bit and watched Andrew Garfield films. The Social Network, the sheer perfection of which I still cannot get over, and Never Let Me Go. I spoke about the novel Never Let Me Go when I read it a while ago. I think I must take back my Carey Mulligan comment in that post because I've realised now that she is wonderful and I adore her. I also think I figured out why I didn't like the book - it was just so cold. It was a love story with no love. The only passage that affected me was when Tommy says something like 'We've loved each other our whole lives...'. But I digress, I am talking about the film.

Which is spectacular, can I just say. Absolutely stunning. It was beautiful, graceful, emotional, heart-breaking and quite breath-taking in parts. The bit where Tommy gives Kathy a hug after he hasn't seen her in ten years... it was the most touching moment I can imagine. And I have to admit that Keira Knightley was quite good. I mean, she was a perfect Ruth. I hated her, so she must have played the part well. Carey Mulligan was excellent, but it was Andrew Garfield who completely blew me away. He was Tommy in every single aspect; he was every single inch the character from the book. Only with more feeling. He destroyed me. What a fantastic film.
On Saturday I went to my local library as part of the whole 'support your library now because the government are going to shut them down because they're actually nazis and will probably burn all the books' campaign that was going on. I am ashamed to say that it has been a long time since I last checked a book out of a library. I tend to buy them from Waterstones instead - which probably explains why libraries are in jeopardy in the first place. I forgot how perfect libraries are, and I intend to start going frequently now. I urge you all to start doing the same. I think the plan was to get so many people to check out books that there wouldn't actually be any books left in the libraries and they physically couldn't shut them down.

Speaking of books, I have been given a place as a book giver on World Book Night! My book choice was Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I am hoping to somehow be able to give some of my smashing readers a copy of the book (I have 48 to give away), so keep your eyes open for news nearer the date if you're interested in a free book. World Book Night is on 5th March, and there are probably events going on in your area, so do look out for those also.

Finally, Jesse Eisenberg was on SNL last week, so obviously I had to watch it because I am in love him and his awkwardness. The following song was one of the sketches on the show and it perfectly encapsulates me and Hayley and the way we live our lives. Do enjoy.

We are the original creeps. And we are learning these dance moves for when we go out for my 21st in less than two weeks. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. Oh no.


  1. The film sounds really good, and hope to see it soon! I also love Carey Mulligan; and congrats on the book giveaway x

  2. Ah, there are so many things to say about this post...
    - I'm glad you did well in your interview!! I'm sure you did great!
    - I also have a tumblr...and I hate it. Takes so much time. Blogger is more peaceful :)
    -I loved the social network. and andrew garfield...yummmm :)
    -I will definitely keep the "Never Let Me Go" movie suggestion in mind!

  3. Oh, that sounds like a movie I'd love!

    I never go into our local library anymore, although it is one of the best around apparently. However, I like my seminar library at uni quite a lot, so I hang out there whenever I can... all those Camus books :)

    Re: Panic! - They literally changed my life. I don't like when people say that about bands, especially that sort of band but they made me re-discover my passion for music and through them, I met an awful lot of people, got into other bands on their label, started going to different websites, read blogs, started blogging... plus, I slept outside HMV in London for them ;)

  4. Ahhh I LOVE Lonely Island - literally amazing! Oo I'm intrigued about Never Let Me Go, it's had such a mixture of reviews, I really want to see it though! I love both Keira and Carey. And yay your 21st how exciting! x


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