Monday, 14 February 2011

and the winner is...

Last night I went ahead and watched the Baftas live. Normally I don’t bother because I only end up getting annoyed when the people who deserve to (read: who I want to) win, don’t. Of course it was absolutely no different this year, but I have been really fascinated by a couple of films who were up for awards, so I thought I’d show my support (Inception, 127 Hours and The Social Network, in case you were wondering).

Predictably, The King’s Speech won practically everything. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know what the fuss is about, but it still bored me that it got almost every single award. If you follow me on twitter, you will have read my reactions firsthand. The whole show was a mixture of the abysmal (Helena Bonham Carter’s hair, Rosamund Pike’s attempt at presenting an award) and the completely wonderful (Emma Stone’s dress, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg invading each other’s personal space on stage). David Fincher quite deservedly won Best Director, Aaron Sorkin got Adapted Screenplay (again, quite deservedly. I'm reading the book it's taken from and I have read the screenplay. I was dazzled by it's magnificence), and Inception won all the smaller awards like Special Visual Effects and Sound and the other awards that they don't actually show being presented apart from in a montage at the end of the programme. Tom Hardy won the Rising Star award, which I was NOT cool with. I like him and everything, but I voted for Andrew Garfield, and when I actually take the time to vote for someone, I expect them to win (by the by, Andrew is completely terrible at being a gracious loser. He kept pulling faces every time he and/or Jesse Eisenberg didn't win something. Which of course I loved). I was annoyed that 127 Hours didn't get anything, too. At least there's still the Oscars to come, but I'm only expecting similar results.

Did anyone else watch it? Were you pleased with the results? Was anyone else really annoyed that some people who won awards hadn't actually bothered to turn up to collect them?


  1. hi,

    yes i watched and i love the baftas and was very pleased that noomi rapace, the girl with the dragon tatoo, got a nomination and that the film one best film in foreign language. totally deserved. and im glad with helena's result. i think some other awards should have gone in different ways. and also some films werent even up for nomination such as daft punk/hans zimmer collaboration of tron legacy amazing music but hey ho always next year. also blue valentine; have yet to see but meant to be truly gripping.
    i also wanted gemma arteton to win rising star. her performance in tess of the d'urbevilles was outstanding.

  2. AGREED emma stones dress won it for me - she shoud get an award for that alone haha - havnt watched kings speech yet but im studying that period so it better stick to the time! hahah xoxo

  3. I was... sort of glad King's speech won, I have my reasons, do not fear!
    A) I have watched it, unlike the social network (I really wanted to but it came out when we had exams, and by the time we could it had stopped being shown locally)
    B) it has an australian in it.
    I think you might like King's speech (just ignore Jennifer Ehle's "australian" accent- why could they get an actual australian?)
    Cant fault you on Andrew though

  4. I'm really going to have to see it because I suspect I will love it. I do prefer it when a few different films get awards though, otherwise it gets boring. Like when Slumdog Millionaire won everything.

  5. yes, these people should go get their own awards no matter how big a star they already are...

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