Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So, tomorrow is the most important day of my life to date. I have my PGCE interview, which basically determines what I do with the rest of my life. Up until yesterday I totally cool about it and living in my usual bubble of having emotions for nothing other than books and Andrew Garfield. But then last night I completely freaked out and now I feel really, really sick. I cannot wait until Thursday night when I can go back to being nonchalant about every aspect of my life.

Until then, please wish me luck. I'll leave you'll with one of my favourite paintings, which just happens to express my feelings perfectly right now.


  1. Good luck! Where's the interview for?

  2. GOOD LUCK!! Hope it goes well!xx

  3. Good luck and be your best self :) I always practice my interview questions the nice before not be rehearsed but to not stumble on my words when I am asked the questions.

    You will be great.

  4. good luck i hope it went well xoxoxo


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