Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Here's what I think (a self-indulgent rant)

I believe in living for the here and now, for the moment, and never for the long term. This is why I get paid every month but never have any money. I believe that happiness is what you make it, and that those big sweeping moments can be equalled by something as simple as someone remembering your name. I believe in individuality. I believe that people are generally unique, but that sometimes you can meet someone who knows you probably as well as you know yourself, although that's rare.

I strongly believe in karma, and I strongly believe in God, but I do not believe in organised religion. I don't like to admit that I'm superstitious, but I am (just in case). I'm not sure if I believe in fate, or things happening for a reason, but sometimes things must be far more than coincidence. I believe in keeping an open mind.

I've been watching the news this morning about the general election, and I believe that if the Conservatives come into power, our country will be completely fucked. I'm almost entirely certain that David Cameron is a minion of the underworld. I believe that Gordon Brown gets far more stick than he deserves, and that despite being a politician, he's probably a nice man. I believe in the British Monarchy. I am incredibly patriotic. I strongly believe that England deserves more respect than it gets, but that it is the people who are letting it down, giving the world a bad impression of us.

I believe in getting on with things. I don't believe in telling the whole world about your problems. I believe in respect and good manners and treating people how they treat you. I don't particularly believe in morals, just not cheating yourself.

I believe in true freedom of speech. I do not believe in 'political correctness', just in being polite. I believe in sticking up for yourself. I believe in fighting back.

I believe that somewhere along the line I'm going to figure out what I am doing.

No, actually I don't believe that. But I'm hoping.

Tonight I'm going to post a very exciting story about what I did over easter. I had probably the best Easter Sunday that anyone has ever had (apart from, y'know, Jesus). It involved lots of dancing and one of my favourite bands, Frankie & the Heartstrings. You'll be jealous.

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