Thursday, 1 April 2010

"We've got a proper bonkers Doctor..."

Today's favourite is: MATT SMITH.

Ok, I'll admit it - I am not a Doctor Who fan. I've seen, in total, six episodes of the programme (one old one with Tom Baker, two with David Tennant which I had to study at uni, one which featured Kylie Minogue, and the last two episodes ever with Tennant). I think the show is corny, tacky, and sort of dull.

But I am DEFINITELY going to be watching the new series.

Matt Smith is adorable. I am incredibly attracted to him. I love the fact that he's sort of geeky and totally normal; I love how he talks and the way that he laughs at himself, and the crazy, weird, beautiful clothes he wears. I think he's going to be a brilliant Doctor (mostly because he can actually act, unlike his predecessor). Also, his assistant is a red-head. WIN.

Doctor Who starts tomorrow, but until then - enjoy these:

And finally, my absolute favourite. I have a really odd obsession with guys wearing glasses, so this is simply stunning.

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  1. The pictures on your blog are so lovely!


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