Friday, 2 April 2010

"Just don't look this bitch in the eye"

Today's favourite is SAM WORTHINGTON, because I went to go and see Clash of the Titans and it reminded me that I adore him more than almost anyone.

Clash was EPIC. Really exciting stuff. Liam Neeson as Zeus was perfection (his voice, oh wow) and Tony and Effy from Skins made me smile, and Medusa is always cool, and the Kraken being released was properly awesome. The scenery was beautiful and I like Greek mythology and sword fights are wicked, but really, really, the only reason I went to see it was because of Sam Worthington.

Terminator Salvation is one of my favourite films, as is Avatar (that film is beautiful in every possible way), so obviously I was going to go and see any new film that Sam's in.

And I highly recommend it to you all.

(Incidentally, Sam wears a skirt better than any man I've ever seen. Delightful legs.)

On an unrelated note, yesterday I read this interesting article how police 'control' peaceful protests. ACAB.

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  1. Thank's for following my blog hunni :P
    Ohh Sam look's cute !!! Hmmmm not sure about the remake of the titan's, it's a classic. The rule is never remake a classic, but than again it could be wicked.

    Have a great easter xxxx


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