Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An actual outfit that I actually wore.

Today marks something very, very special - my second ever outfit post! Calm down people, this is not actually as big a deal as I am making it out to be.

Oh, who am I kidding? My shirt is AMAZING.

Kristen jeans - Topshop, cardigan - vintage, shirt - American Apparel, shoes and socks - New Look.

The reason I look so grumpy is because it is 6:20am in this picture and I am about to set off for work. This is also why I am wearing socks - it gets pretty chilly in the Yorkshire morn. I took them off later, I feel I must add, because I do not condone shoes with socks. I knew I had to post this though, because this shirt is my new favourite thing in the world. It makes me feel half like a waitress in an American diner, and half like Lol in This is England '86. Is either of those a bad thing? No way, Jose. Me and Hayley popped into American Apparel in Leeds on Saturday, and I was initially only going to purchase a woolly hat (those Yorkshire mornings again, freezing me to the bone), but then I saw the girl behind the counter wearing this shirt and I knew that I would never be happy again unless I owned it too. And here we are.

American Apparel is my dream store. Everything is so simple and classic, and almost everything is unisex, so you can either look girly and pretty or completely butch and cool, depending on your mood. Their long sleeved cord shirts, thick striped jackets and fisherman sweaters are next on my shopping list.

And to answer the question that is almost certainly passing through all of your minds - Yes. I do live in a pixellated computer game house.


  1. nice outfit!! i agree with you about AA i love that shop xoxo

  2. Oooh I love your outfit, very nice ^__^
    I have got a similar shirt. Okay not that similar cuz it's flowery. Okay now I sound like a silly for thinking flowers and stripes are similar, i meant the style. :) But I feel stupid wearing it because my usual attire consists of acid wash, canvas shoes, greys, blacks and whites.
    This has totally inspired me ^_^

    I'm coming to Yorkshire soon, for some English trip. Wuthering Heights based. I hope it's not too cold. Okay, the whole of England is friggen freazing. Hate, a whole load of hate towards that -___-

    I wish I lived in a pixalated game house.

  3. Love your outfit. When I saw your shirt I thought 'The Horrors(!)' before anything else. But I do that with most things x

  4. I love the shirt, and the cardi. :)

  5. Awwhh, your outfit looks super lurrvlay!! Plus your computer game house is pretty darn amazing ;) xx


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