Sunday, 3 October 2010

Weekly Review: 27th September - 3rd October 2010

This week has been ridiculously hectic; it has been a blur of running for buses and catching taxis and power walking across York in my ever reliable (but sadly not waterproof) deck shoes. My parents have been away, so I have been fending for myself, and because I cannot drive, I have been having to rely on the public transportation system - never a thing to be trusted. Not only that, but we have two dogs at home, so I have been having to travel back and forth from Selby - where I live - to York - where all the shit goes dowwwwn - just so that they can go outside for a bit. It has been tiring. All those 5:30am wake ups and 19 hour days have been destroying me. But it has been worth it.

So aside from the two Frankie and the Heartstrings gigs, this week saw the start of my third year at university. DUN DUN DUNNN. Scary stuff, seriously. I have been having panic attacks about it every other day. I was original taking the Shakespeare module this semester, but I went to the session on Thursday and it was absolute bollocks; if they think I'm putting up with that until January, they've got another think coming. So I switched modules. Shakespeare wasn't that good anyway - all the good characters die.
On Monday night, Hayley came to my house to watch University Challege (she doesn't have a TV license). You're probably all now thinking 'University Challenge? Oh my giddy aunt, that right there is a real student, a devourer of knowledge, a truly deep soul.' Don't be fooled by our academic exteriors - Hayley and I watch University Challenge for one reason and one reason only. Matthew Chan.Has University Challenge ever been graced by such wavy haired, dapperly dressed beauty? I think not. Unfortunately he wasn't on this week's show, but when he was on, Magdalen College did get through to the next round, so keep an eye out on Monday nights - he's their team captain.

On Friday night, Steph, Rachel and Hayley came down to Selby and we had a vintage record playing session at my house, followed by a quick round of Have You Ever (we ran out of alcohol too quickly...apparently we all Have) and a delicious takeaway. Then we headed off to the infamous Riverside, the only place in Selby where you can drink pitchers and watch 30 Seconds to Mars videos at the same time. This is how much fun it is:I'm kidding, it was a wicked night. Obviously at this moment in time a rubbish song was on.

I got my student grant through this week, so I was intending to post some photos of the few COUGH many things that I treated myself to, but I never got the chance to take said photos, so I'll get them done in the next few days. A couple of things I did buy though:The Like - Release Me
I finally got around to buying The Like's new album, and I must recommend it to you all. Every song is a gem.

Professor Brian Cox - Wonders of the Solar System
I am a full-on geek when it comes to space and stars and the solar system, and I also have a complete nerd crush on Brain Cox, who gest so excited about science and everything he talks about in his BBC tv series. I properly loved the series, so I bought the book from Waterstone's and I have just fallen in love all over again. The really great thing is that he explains everything in a way that makes it incredibly accessible and really easy to understand, plus it's to do with space, so it's super exciting. Amazing book.

THIS WEEK: Tomorrow I'm going to see Sting play in Manchester! I'm actually not really fussed about it, but Rachel asked me to go and I've dragged her along to enough gigs, so I couldn't really refuse (despite the tickets being extortionate prices). I am also currently in the process of opening an ETSY store to get rid of some of my clothes. I just cleared out about 50 pieces of brand new and vintage clothing from my wardrobe, so keep an eye out if you want to get your hands on some cheap clothes.

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