Tuesday, 26 October 2010


On Sunday night I went to go and see My Chemical Romance in Manchester. I know it isn't 'cool' to say that you like them unless you're a 13 year old girl with black nail varnish and a bad haircut, but I was a 13 year old girl with black nail varnish and a bad haircut when I started listening to them. They've been my very favourite band for the past seven years, and seeing them again on Sunday after they've been away for so long (I was 17 the last time I saw them) was absolutely beautiful. The gig was EPIC, the setlist was perfect, and Frank...oh Frank. Frank Iero is my favourite man alive. It's good to be reminded of that sometimes (you can tell by how many photos of him I took).


  1. My cousins went to see MCR in London, and they ARE thirteen with black nail varnish and bad haircuts ;) I think it's so funny that they're the exact MCR fan stereotype.

  2. I saw My Chemical Romance when I was young, back when the Black parade was touring. It was my first ever live gig, and it well and truly gave me a thirst for live music (even thought I'm sadly not a fan of theirs anymore, aha). :)
    PS. Some of your photos from the gig are brilliant! :) The 5th one is a personal fave. ;)


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