Friday, 24 December 2010

Dear Santa...

It's Christmas Eve! Because I love Christmas, and because I am still a child, I have written a letter to Santa. Have a look.

Dear Santa.
Because I have been really, really good this year, I think I deserve any/all of the things listed below. I don't want to sound greedy or anything, but I don't think it's too much to ask from a darling like you. Even just one or two of these items would sort of make my life, so just see what you can do. Cheers!

1. The entire Beatles collection on cd. (I really want this on vinyl, but it's about £3000, and like I said, I'm not greedy, so CDs will suffice.)

2. Fuji Instax 210 Polaroid Camera (with film).

3. A pair of Marni heels in size 9 (I could probably squeeze into an 8 if necessary).

4. Burberry trenchcoat.

5. An all-expenses-paid holiday to somewhere pretty and warm (must be two weeks or longer).

6. A teeny tiny Chanel 2.55 bag.

7. Speaking of Chanel, I really would like that handsome young man who is in the Bleu De Chanel fragrance advert. He's delicious. He's called Gaspard Ulliel, or something like that. If you could get me and him under some mistletoe together, that would be sweet.

Thanks Santa!
Lots of love,
Emily xoxo


  1. Great post hope you get some great stuff from the old man in a red suit :)
    Great Marni heels

    Merry Christmas x

  2. Haha, so, did you get some decent stuff? ;)


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