Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I'm The Doctor

I am really, really bored of blogs and blogging at the moment. Everything seems to have been incredibly repetitive recently, and I fear that I have ended up the same way. It isn't my fault really; I'm obsessed with a few select things right now and my brain just cannot handle thinking about much else. John Keats, you scoundrel, get out of my head!

My point is, other than reading, working and getting extremely angry every time I watch the news, I haven't been doing a whole lot recently, which makes for an exceptionally un-interesting (real word?) blog. Soz, mates. I've been to a couple of gigs in the past week or so, which I will eventually post the photos from, but other than that - until Saturday when I go to Belfast (oooohhh yeah) - I have been doing very little. I really don't want to end up saying the same thing every single time I post, so I am just covering myself now and pointing out here that I can think of nothing to say. Other than this:

Doctor Who is absolutely my style icon:

Those strategically rolled jeans. Those magnificent boots. That fabulous jacket! Spring really needs to hurry up and appear so that I can put my tweed coat into good use.


  1. aah emily, how i feel the same! Although, please keep writing even if you think you don't have anything interesting to say i sure do get a tiny bit excited everytime i see you've posted!
    you look like florence! how can you not have an interesting time? mucho love flo no.2 x

  2. OMG. I love Doctor Who and all 11 doctors are style icons in my opinion but i especially love Matt Smith's Doctor and his style!!


  3. i get what you mean, it's been a good few weeks since i've blogged myself, but dr who=win. x

  4. I always feel like I have nothing new to talk about and that people already did it better than I do. It happens. I'm sure the blogging mojo will come back :)

  5. MATT SMITH MATT SMITH MATT SMITH - i think these few words carry a crazy yet somewhat realistic view i have on him . I'm with you on this one. Im with him. I'm with him to the end


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