Wednesday, 1 December 2010

his quiet other-worldliness

I've mostly been reading poetry and storming through the snow in Doc Martens these past few days. Desperate for sleep and surviving on Lucozade and Ben Whishaw interviews. Taking photographs of frosty trees. I'm going to move to Paris, pretend to smoke Gauloises and wander around obscure art exhibitions to keep warm. I'll probably marry a writer who cannot afford to eat; we'll stand on our balcony barefoot and shiver together, and he'll end up hating me because I'll complain that I can't stand his pensive silence.


  1. Your little rabble is funny and quirky heehee

  2. i feel as though i need to move to paris too and be with a man with a beard who likes to wander haha your blog is like the words in my head.

    sweet girl x


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