Monday, 9 August 2010


Greetings from beautiful Venice!

I am almost a week into my 17 day trip, and I have finally found a few moments to come onto the internet and have a bit of a type away.

My brother and I spent the first few days in Rome, exploring what seems like every single inch of it. It is simply incredible - SO stunning. And we of course went in to the Vatican and saw the Sistine Chapel, which has made my life absolutely complete. It is beautiful, beautiful. I was breathless, it was so beautiful.

Then we joined onto the group trip that crawls across Europe, and so far have seen Verona (ohmygosh, perfection!) and VENICE, which is the lovliest place that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE. I could not believe how perfect it was! I could have cried, it was so pretty.

Time is running out now, so I must go. I return home on the 20th, so I bid you farewell until then (that is unless I get too tired to party and crank up the internet instead.)


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