Monday, 23 August 2010

Return To Sender

Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Guten Tag! Ahoj!

I'm back!

Ok. I have actually been back since Friday, but I always forget how incredibly lazy I am, and the thought of typing and uploading photos when I could instead be doing something more amazing - like sleeping until 4pm - stressed me out. But today I am back at work (boo hiss boo), and so I am back to blogging about inane things in an attempt to pass the long hours that I have to sit at this desk and book appointments for diabetics (my job is, like, so cool).

However, in a giant fail on my part, I do not have any of my holiday photos on my work computer, so I shall have to post them tonight. I warn you now - there are thousands. Literally. I took over 5000 photos in 17 days. I took 1500 photos just in Rome, for goodness sake. I did get a little bit carried away. The silly thing is, almost every photo is the same - I am alarmingly obsessed with European architecture, so every building I was like ohmygosh! Balconies! Doorways! Elaborate cornices! PHOTO. So I will select some of my favourite ones to post from the many places that I visited.

Have I mentioned yet how amazing this holiday was? The places I saw and the people I was just fabulous. Venice was my very favourite place, but I absolutely fell in love with Rome; I will definitely be returning there soon. And of course Berlin holds a dear place in my heart - I adore it there.

Coming back after almost three weeks though, and I feel as though I have missed so much! Like the new Gossip Girl trailer - WOW. And Frankie and the Heartstrings releasing limited edition fanclub memberships - I failed to get one of these, GOD DAMN IT. You know, important stuff like that. How tragic that being away from a computer for days at a time can mean that huge gaps open in my life. Oh dear, oh dear.

I really must stop rambling now. I find it impossible to believe that people are really interested in how many photos I took of Roman window frames or how pathetic I am for actually missing the internet. But I suppose, dear reader, whoever you are, that you don't mind so much, or you wouldn't have gotten this far.

P.S. I know how pre-pubescent fangirl this is going to sound, but wowohmygodwow how beautiful does Robert Pattinson look in these photos? Oh myyyy heaaarrtt. I can't help myself.

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