Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rome - the first 16 hours.

This is me with my brother. We are hilarious.

This is me obviously loving the airport.
Bye England!
Hi Italy!
I totally rock the pale tourist look.

My laptop is so slow that it literally takes about four days to upload one photo. I forget this when I promise travel pictures. MORE TOMORROW


  1. did just you and your brother go? or did you go like with a organised group? (was looking at photos on FB)

    I really wna go traveling but no1 to go with lol as my brother has gone traveling this month and is in italy now! x

  2. Ywp, it was just me and my brother ihn Rome for the first few days, then we joined a group trip that went up across Europe to London.

    Italy is AMAZING! We went with Topdeck, which is a cvompany for younger people and they do loads and loads of different trips, plus they give you half your meals and stuff like that (at least they did on the trip that we did). A lot of people on our tour went on their own! xx


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