Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bohemian Like You

Ok, jeans are what I feel most comfortable in. I'm generally not happy unless I am wearing some form of plaid/stripe/oversized top. Sometimes I might go wild and sport a pait of denim shorts (I have super long legs, so they totally work). But mostly I like to stick to the same pattern because I'm not pretty enough to wear pretty clothes (I look like a man in drag) and because when I wear jeans and deck shoes and my Johnny Cash t-shirt, I feel cool.

And while as usual I have been wearing the classic, if a little boring, skintight jean and striped t-shirt look that I have been working since 2008, lately I have found myself dreaming of something a little different.

If I could look like, and have the wardrobe of, anyone, I would choose Florence Welch or Natasha Khan. Both of them have the whole bohemian-gothic-witch-bat girl thing going on, which I actually adore. Both of them wear exactly what takes their fancy, even if - or especially if - it's pretty odd.

I think this summer I am going to basically just wear what I want, no matter how weird I look. I say this every year as my new year's resolution - 'this year I'm going to stop caring about what people think' blah blah - but now I am actually going to do it. So bring on the floor length dresses and feathered crowns. Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Bohemian.

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  1. amazing outfits!!!!!!

    love love love all of them!!!!!!

    cool post!!!!!



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