Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I'm part of a team. Have I ever mentioned that before? We're called Hemily. This word is a clever amalgamation of our names, Hayley and Emily. We're soul sistas. Not even sisters, but sisTAs. There we re on the left. When I post about exciting events that I have happened in my life, Hayley is usually the one who accompanied me.

The reason that I am chit chatting away about this now is that I want to do a post about how much I am adoring Robert Downey Jr right now, but Hayley has already done one. You can see it here: I suspect that people get bored when they are in the company of Team Hemily, because the two of us love pretty much the same things (not always, but mostly) and often it is things that are quite random. Like Edward Norton's chest in American History X. Or the every fucked up sarcastic thing Patrick Bateman says in American Psycho. Or the way Zachary Quinto says 'live long and prosper'.

I'm rambling on. All I really wanted to say is this: Hayley, you may have got there first, but I'm posting my favourite RDJ pictures anyway. Enjoy, they're a treat for the eyes (and luckily he is very accomodating with the amount of time that he has his shirt off).

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  1. Team Hemily strikes again! I LOVE this blog entry. :')
    I suspect your right about people getting bored (or rather more confused) in our presence. The way we get obsessed about things... I think we've had the BEST times. I mean, really, who else would take five hours to watch Star Trek??
    "I didn't know Romulans were half faun??" xxxxx


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