Friday, 21 May 2010

Oh, hey freedom! I've missed you.

There are two things that I am loving about my life right now:
1. All my university work is DONE.

So that's it. My second year of university done and dusted. What an absolutely terrifying thought. I only have one more year of this before I am kicked out of my comfortably academic life and thrust, wide-eyed and hyperventilating, into the Real World (dun dun dunnnn). But I am trying not to think about this. Instead I am focusing on the fact that for the next four months, I am FREE.

Yeah yeah, I still have to go to work (yawn) and I still have to get up at 6:30am to do this, and I still have a dissertation proposal to write (but it's about Bret Easton Ellis, so it's cool), but WHO CARES. It's summer and I am going to have a good time. I'm going to a selection of festivals. I'm intending to spend some time in our fair capital when my lovely friend Gregory returns to his homeland. I'm going travelling for a month around Europe. Win win win for me.

And despite the fact that right now I am possibly more tired than I ever have been in my life - in the past three days I've knocked out two essays and had only five hours of sleep combined - things are looking good. Maybe it's the fact that it is sunny and warm (I loathe being cold more than almost anything and my hair reacts to rain like David Cameron reacts to a council estate). Maybe it's the fact that tonight I am going to be spending the evening with some of my best pals (who, depressingly, are almost all going back to their home towns tomorrow - must not think about that).

Maybe it's the fact that I am still feeling violated from last night. Violated in a good way, mind you. Like when someone you really really fancies feels you up, and you pretend to be classy and indignant and definitely not a slag, when really you're thinking ohmygod niiiiice. In fact, today still feels like last night because I have only had one hour of sleep. Stupidly I went to the gig without having even started my 3,500 word American Lit essay...that was in for this morning. Stupid stupid. I kept telling myself, though, as I wept over my laptop in the wee hours of the morning, that this time tomorrow it would be worth it.

And you know what...I was right. I love days like today.

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