Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I Want To Be A 1950s Boy

Nowhere Boy is one of the best films that I have seen this year. I didn't manage to catch it in the cinemas when it was released last December, but I just got in on DVD. I love The Beatles and I love Aaron Johnson, so naturally I was going to love this, but it was far better than I imagined. It is sort of obvious that it is director Sam Taylor-Wood's first full length film, because it is nowhere near perfect. Some of the scenes are quite choppy (or too long) and there is sort of a first-film vibe around the whole thing. But it's a great British film and there's a great cast, including Kristen Scott Thomas, who epitomises glamour, and Thomas Sangster, who is completely adoreable as Paul McCartney, and who also looks like a young Ryan Ross (loovvveeee).

But Aaron Johnson is the best. His John Lennon is actually stellar. Obviously he doesn't look much like him, but he has got the cheeky accent down to a T. He pulls off the same sarcastic humour that Lennon was famous for, and when he sings he sounds just like him. Plus he is unbelievably attractive. He's got this amazing swagger and amazing hair and his clothes! Oh my word, I want his wardrobe from that film. Incredible. It's a cracking film, and even you're not into The Beatles (what's wrong with you?) then you should watch it. It's worth it just for the bit where Aaron first wears the 'Buddy Holly' glasses (I think I have mentioned before my perverse obsession with lads who wear glasses...)

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  1. You have just written everything I have said myself!! I agree 100%! Aaron Johnson did a fabulous job portraying John Lennon! From his accent, to his voice, to his goofy personality! I LOOOOOVED this movie & am so happy with their casting choices all around!


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