Thursday, 4 November 2010

God's County

Remember back when there was still such a thing as sunshine and it didn't get dark at half past four and I could still go outside without three pairs of nights and two jumpers on? Well back in those days (or, as a regular person might call it, the start of September) me and my dad headed to Malham to embark upon a really long walk through our fair county's countryside, to climb up a waterfall, to climb down a cliffside and to all in all have a very tiring but beautiful day. And it was warm. I didn't even have to wear a cardigan (shocking).

I didn't post the photos at the time, but I was looking back at sunny memories today and thought I'd share them with you now.

Anyone who says that Yorkshire isn't the best place in the country is off their rocker.


  1. beautiful photos i agree i love yorkshire ♥

  2. those are gorgeous pictures..yorkshire looks so pretty! would love to go one day..

    i've tagged you in my latest post :)


  3. Yorkshire is the best place! Beautiful photos really do the place justice :)

  4. Oh wow, that's sort of exactly how I'd imagined some places in England to be! Beautiful and I'd love to visit one day.

  5. this is seriously beautiful! i really can't wait to visit Yorkshire. the photos are great too


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