Monday, 22 November 2010

once i caught a fish alive

Things that I am interested in right now:
1. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
2. Whether to wear that skirt that is hanging on the front of my wardrobe tomorrow, or whether it will make me look like a 1940s librarian. Oh wait...that just sold it for me.
3. Trying to be this cool:

Things that I am not interested in right now:
1. I'm A Twat! Get Me Out of Here/The Twat Factor/Strictly Come Twatting
2. The fact that I am going to look like a wartime grandma tomorrow.
3. Harry Potter.


  1. Strictly Come Twatting. I'd watch THAT.

  2. Is that Clemence Poesy? Damn her - she even looks beautiful pushing luggage x

  3. I am shocked you're not into Harry Potter...
    might you be a Twilight fan? hahaha but no, I'm not implying that you have to like one or the other. Just interested.

  4. Loved this post! Especially the 'I'm A Twat! Get Me Out of Here/The Twat Factor/Strictly Come Twatting'. Totally agree with you there x

  5. Hayley - I bet you would, you cheeky thing.

    Helen - Yes it is! Damn her.

    Fifi - Ah, I should have stated that I meant the Haryy Potter FILMS. I LOVE the books, especially the last one (it's one of my all time favourite books), but the films are an abomination. I cannot bear them. But I also love Twilight (of course). More than Harry Potter, far more.

    Vicky - Hahaha they're horrendous aren't they? But I felt back about the strictly come dancing one because matt baker is on it and i love himmm.

  6. Ahh i like that outfit :) very much agree with the 'things im not interested in' list hehe! xxx


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