Friday, 5 November 2010

Sometimes I feel like strapping pirhanas to my feet and kicking people in the face.

Hannah at cyrillawest just tagged me in a post that basically involves writing down a load of stuff that I like and hate. Because I like a lot of things and also hate a lot of things, this could be fun. CHECK IT.

i like Crunchy Nut Bites

i like Andrew Garfield (he's my fave at the moment)

i like my BlackBerry
i like The Like

i like really old scrapbooks
i like films where men wear really tight shirts
i like Zara

i like ugly shoes

i like pals

i like libraries
i like red hair

i like mid-length skirts

i love Frank Iero

today I am dressed like an overgrown schoolgirl

i hate people who dress like schoolgirls

i hate my BlackBerry (why do you keep shutting the internet off, you retarded piece of technology?)

i hate deadlines

i hate the future

i hate peas

i hate monkeys
i hate how everyone is, like, soo in love with Cheryl Cole when really she's just a thick chav with a pretty face and will never do anything for our country except clog up our tv screens with shitty reality shows about people who are worse at singing than even she is.

i hate my face, and broad shoulders and my huge birthing hips

I hate people who make a noise when they eat. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

I don't know who to tag now, so, you know, fill this in if you want to!
All photos mine or sourced through Google Images and (edited by me)


  1. I hear ya on the Cheryl Cole thing, she's a virus. When she cries it's like front page news: fuck the crumbling economy, CHERYL'S SAD! And she has horrible tattoos.

    Since you like Andrew Garfield (and if you haven't already seen it) you should check out the Red Riding trilogy, he's excellent in that!

  2. I hate Cheryl Cole too. Grr. Damn her.

  3. haha, loved this, especially the Cheryl Cole bit :)


  4. you put Brandon Lee in there. I'm please you got it. xx

  5. lol "Sometimes I feel like strapping pirhanas to my feet and kicking people in the face."

    I hate when people make noises when they eat as well.


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