Sunday, 14 November 2010

The working man is a sucker.

Today I went with my parents to Bridlington's Old Town to an art gallery there where my dad has a couple of his paintings exhibited. There was also an exhibition there of Matisse prints and lithographs, but they were crazily expensive just for his signature, which is basically what you were paying for. Very beautiful though.

This is me with the two paintings that my dad currently has displayed:
Please excuse my crazy lion woman hair. It is both uncontrollable and inexplicable.

And this is my dad with his pictures:

Today I wore: faux fur jacket - vintage, black scarf - a gift, jeans - topshop, boots - charity shop, t-shirt - Old Navy.
This is one of my favourite t-shirts that I own; I bought it from Old Navy in Manhattan a couple of years ago when I was there in the summer, and I still love it now. It's just so random, and of course I love a good monocle.

While we were in Bridlington's Old Town - which is such a sadly unheralded little part of England, with the old priory church and pretty shop fronts and tiny art galleries and antique shops that nobody ever goes to - I did a small bit of shopping. I'm living on a serious budget at the moment with Christmas coming up and a trip to Ireland to pay for, so spending is limited only to bus fares and university books, but the two things I bought today I could not resist. Both were from antique shops and both were only THREE POUNDS EACH.

First was this little silver ring. I mentioned the other day that I wanted more rings, and while this wasn't exactly the thing I had in mind, it's still very pretty and looks good with the other ones I wear every day (I'm mixing silver and gold at the moment, which I have always been heartily against, but is inevitable now I'm wearing all the family heirlooms).

The second thing I found was this skirt:
I assure you, it is a much nicer colour in person, and it is the perfect Zara-lookbook/Alexa-Chung-for-Madewell length that I have been searching for but have not been able to afford. This will certainly be apearing in an outfit post very, very soon.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous when you braid it to the side like that!

  2. So jealous of that t-shirt: it rules! Nice paintings by your dad too! And I'm really glad you enjoyed Red Riding, I couldn't believe what a gem it was when I first saw it, so I'm pleased I could spread the word!

  3. Love the skirt and ring, the gallery looks lovely too:) x

  4. Aw congrats to your Dad that's amazing! And I love your faux fur jacket - lovely x


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