Thursday, 8 July 2010

I love The Like

Two bands that I have been listening to an inordinate amount recently are The Like and The Young Veins. Incidentally, the two bands are linked (Z and Ryan are going out, or something), but that is irrelevant.
I shouldn't really like The Like, because the singer, Z Berg, is the girlfriend of one of the great loves of my life, Ryan Ross, and the drummer, Tennessee Thomas, is the BFF of another of the great loves of my life, Alexa Chung, so really my jealousy of them should overcast my enjoyment of their music. Somehow, however, it does not.
The Like are just cute. They play cute music with good lyrics that is nice to dance to. Plus, they look amazing.

My obsession with The Young Veins was not exactly hard to predict. I have always loved Ryan Ross, so a band where he is the singer as well as the guitarist is sort of magnificent.

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