Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tag! Nylon

I think I have mentioned before that Nylon is my favourite magazine - it is just the perfect mix of insanely cool bands, fashion, art and film. I check the Nylon website blog every day, because I generally find it the best way to be ahead of the curve on all things excellent.

On the said blog, they have a feature called Tag! which is where people send in amazing graffiti that they have found in cities all over the world. There is some completely epic stuff on there; I highly recommend having a look through if you want to see how creative some vandals can be. Anyway, I was looking through my photos from my NYC trip a couple of year ago, and I decided to send in a photo that I took of some 'graffiti' in SoHo (incidentally, SoHo is where the Nylon buildings are).

My photo is less of graffiti, more of someone's joke at the poor artists' expense. But Nylon didn't mind - they posted it!
I am delighted. I have been reading Nylon for years, so to be connected to it in some tiny way in very cool to me.

You can see the original post here.

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