Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pepe Jeans A/W 2010

Every blogger in the blog world ever has probably already posted about this, but my gosh. I am in love.
Pepe Jeans A/W 2010, with Alexa Chung, Gaspard Menier and Jon Kortajarena.


  1. oooo you are so lucky!!!...I didn't get tickets to Leeds this year cuz I was sure the Libs would play at a couple of the festivals I am going to...but NOOO they are not :( I am still hoping they will show up as a surprise :D
    I have seen Pete before too, but yes, it doesn't compare to the seeing the band :(
    Take photos for me?lol

    Thanks for commenting, love hearing from another Pete fan :D :D

    And this shoot is just too sexy; how hot is Alexia !!


  2. I love these photos and I love Alexa Chung :)



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