Friday, 30 July 2010

I must have it

The lovely Penny Dreadful posted about these insane(ly amazing!) swimsuits by We Are Handsome today, one of which I absolutely fell in love with. Obviously because it involves the face of one of the most visually perfect men to ever have lived.
I am also rather a big fan of this one:
They are exacty the kind of creepy thing that I love, however, £105 for a swimsuit is fairly extortionate...
But then again, it does have James Dean's face on it...


  1. Yeah the price tag is what's holding me back too - ouch! At least it can double up as a swimsuit and top, but still.

  2. I know - I don't know how it can be justified! But they are fabulous. Perhaps I'll have to DIY one, at a much lower cost. Obviously still involving James Dean, though.


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