Saturday, 17 July 2010

This is not an exit.

And so my life crashes back down from yesterday's unimaginable highs, and I find myself sitting here, contemplating on how I can possibly explain how perfect yesterday was to anyone who might read this, but the words are simply failing me. I say 'words', but I really mean 'eloquent words', because I don't think that OhMyGodBretEastonEllisgavemeahugohmygodzzzzwowowwowwhatthefuckiamcryingwithjoy is really very fitting for a student of English Literature.

But that is how I am feeling right now.

Because yesterday, 16th July 2010, I went to London, and I met my very favourite author (and one of my very favourite men) Bret Easton Ellis. Not once did I meet him, but twice, first at his book signing and then later that day at a simply beautiful talk that he did for Grazia magazine's new book club (check out next week's issue...there may be a sly photo of Hayley and me in there).

There is a public-born perception of Bret Easton Ellis that makes him seem aloof, intimidating, possibly even pretentious, but I saw none of that yesterday. I met a charming, hilarious, fascinating, kind and very genuine man, who seemed almost as excited to meet us as we were to meet him. He was astonishingly cool, and, when he was giving his talk and was wearing glasses and a very nice suit, actually very sexy (hmm...but maybe that's just me...) He gave both me and Hayley hugs, he posed for photos, he chatted away to us as he signed our books and then later when we met him after his talk, he answered our questions and offered to have more photos with us, even going as far as to ask whether or not the picture had taken properly.

There is a saying that goes 'never meet your heroes'. Well, I do not believe in that. Yesterday, I met my hero. I met the man who wrote seven of the greatest books I have ever read. The man whose brain created my favourite characters: Clay, Julian, Patrick Bateman, Brian Metro, Paul Denton, Victor Ward. The man who wrote Lunar Park, which broke my heart.

I met Bret Easton Ellis. I keep saying those words to myself because I am finding it very difficult to believe.

Photos of the rest of my day in London will follow very shortly.


  1. Ok, this is gonna sound wierd but I ACTUALLY got goosebumps reading this :'D It's like I vicariously got to meet him too! xxx


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