Friday, 23 July 2010

Vote David

Yesterday I met David Miliband. Woah.

In advance of reading the following, it is probably best if we look back to May, when I posted this. Ready? Ok, so you are now well aware of how much I adore David Miliband, the man who, I believe, will be our future prime mister, and not only that, but the man who will take our fair country back to the glorious heights of the 1997 Labour administration.

Yesterday, lovely David did a talk in York, which I attended. My goodness, he is sexy. He just has this vibe. And he is SO TALL. Taller than me, at my monstrous six feet and one inch. I was astounded and delighted in equal parts. Anyway, he made his fabulous speech and answered questions from the audience, and then afterwards he met people and I shook his hand and had a photograph with him and he put his arm around me, wow, I got quite hot under the collar.

Yeah, ok, so he is rather funny looking. But in person...oh my, in person, he is a babe.

It would be very kind of you if you ignored how moronic I look in this picture. Thanks.

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