Sunday, 4 July 2010

I must apologise in advance for this...

...but I have to do it. I have to write about the new Twilight film.

I love the books. Love them. I should probably be ashamed to admit this at my age, but I am not. I love Edward; I think he is the best fictional character to have been written since Oscar Wilde created Lord Henry in 1890. He is heartbreakingly perfect. And while I firmly believe that Robert Pattinson is nowhere near good enough to play Edward, I still fancy him, so it's all fine.

Of all four books, this one was obviously set to be the best film. I mean, there is an actual fight scene, so it was automatically going to be more epic than Jacob's fucking whining in New Moon. I went to see Eclipse on Saturday and I properly loved it. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), who is my favourite character other than Edward (and my very favourite in the films) actually got some proper screen time, and he was a BABE. And Xavier Samuel, who played Riley, was beautiful also. He was very cool, very sexy. I enjoyed his performance a lot.

But the best thing about the film was that Eclipse was the first of the three films that actually seemed to bring some of the book to life. There are a couple of scenes where you think, yeah, I actually saw this in my head when I was reading it. And while Jacob was still a whiny twat, and Bella was still infuriating (but cool, Kristen Stewart is cool), it was completely wonderful.

Pathetic fan girl rant over.

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