Wednesday, 23 June 2010

2008 was a good year.

When I was 18 I went to New York for the second time, for a couple of weeks with my dad; my uncle lives and works there, so my dad and I got to stay in his wife's apartment and for those two weeks it was like we lived in Manhattan. It is one of my favourite holidays that I have ever had; we went to New Jersey as well, which I thought was beautiful, despite all the bad press it gets (I think we went to the nice bit, though).

My hair was was rather insane and wild in those days. I miss it.

In New Jersey - across there is where the World Trade Centres used to be.

Central Park

In the film Cloverfield, some people die under that bridge.

Having a picnic in Central Park

The Naked Cowboy. He told me he likes redheads (and he wasn't even really naked).

Near my uncle's old apartment. I think you can just see the top of the Empire State. He now lives on the Upper East Side (how very Gossip Girl)

Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 17.

Wall Street


Staten Island - you can see both New Jersey and Manhattan from there.

Taken from the balcony of the apartment, looking in (it was the first night, thus the mess).

Taken on the Rockefeller Centre (if you ever go to NY, go up this building instead of the Empire State. Far better views).

Central Park

Van Gogh in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Me and Andy in the Met.

This needs no introduction.

Strawberry Fields

My dad in Hoboken, NJ (one of my favourite places that I have ever been).

Manhattan from Hoboken. I'm well proud of this photo.

The view of the Chrysler Building from our balcony.

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