Tuesday, 8 June 2010

She's The One

I always feel that I should hate Alexa Chung. She hangs out with Pixie Geldof, she is anorexically thin (she didn't use to be that thin), she doesn't particularly seem to be a nice person, she hangs out with Pixie Geldof... But somehow I find myself loving her. I find myself absolutely, ridiculously obsessed with her. More specifically with the things she wears. There is just something about the way she throws things together that really should not go - but which really do - that is kind of enchanting. Plus she dates Alex Turner, a genuine legend, so she can't be all that bad.

For a moment there, though, I was getting a bit bored of her. There are only so many minidress-ankle boot-Chanel bag combos you can see without thinking jeez woman, you're suposed to be a trend setter. Think of something new. So the two looks above have really made me quite happy. I lovelovelove the mid-calf length, and not only that but both of these outfits actually give Alexa the semblance of a figure. Perfect.


  1. I love her dress, she has got a perfect style!!
    Love your blog :)
    See you!!


  2. I have major love for this woman. It's quite scary.

    Vicky x

  3. Me too. My obsession is bordering on unhealthy...


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