Thursday, 17 June 2010

"We had a shared, inherent sense that we hadn’t yet completed the mission"

Following the recent release of The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster's new album Blood and Fire, my obsession with them has reached near unhealthy heights that have not been equalled since I was a lonely 14-year old screaming their lyrics 'I wanna fly like an eagle; I wanna sing like Sinatra' every time I was on my own, whilst literally swooning over pictures of their sweaty singer. God, I love him.

Thus I feel that it is about time this sharply dressed, wild haired, diamond of a frontman gets a post of his own. I give you:


Guy McKnight is sexy. He really is. And he has a voice that far more people should hear; it sends shivers down your spine and raises goosebumps on your arms. It's beautiful, powerful, insane, heartbreaking, intense, captivating. It is a raw talent, which is no doubt why, in the music industry of today, it is so un

From copious youtube watching of TEMBD's live shows, I created an idea of Guy McKnight in my head that, in reality, turned out to be quite different. I imagined him as very effervescent and wild, and yes, he is these things, but he is also very charismatic, understated, and - for lack of a better word - polite (unless he is in the crowd- I saw him push a lad at least a head taller than him out of his way on his mission to get back to the
stage). Whereas most singers crave the spotlight constantly, when there is a part of a song with no singing, he seems to take a step back from the band. He stands there, with his hands behind his back, watching the crowd, staring off into space...I just fell in love with him all over again when I saw them live (not once but twice in the space of eight days, a few weeks back). But then when he is performing, or when he's jumping into the crowd, or when he's screaming I wanna fuck your mother, he is so dominating. He has this incredible presence which makes you feel kind of humbled, because you can just tell that you are in the company of a genius.
His live performance is so surprising also because he seems so awkward and shy in interviews. Like this one, for example. He says 'er' more than any interviewee I have ever read. It makes me smile.

I wish I could write more about this man, because he is, in my opinion, one of our generation's great unheralded gems, and I adore him in ways I did not think possible, but I have been at work all day and it is way past my bedtime, so not only do I feel that my writing is not up to scratch, but I also suspect that I am in no way doing anything to even partially describe what a beautiful man Guy McKnight is. So I will let the pictures do the talking, and I will see you in the morning.


These photos are from an amalgamation of sites, including Flickr, GettyImages and various googled places. If you want crediting, that's cool. Let me know.

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