Thursday, 17 June 2010

Woman in White

After reading this post on one of my favourite blogs, I found myself suddenly and desperately wanting a white tattoo. I have always liked white tattoos because they are a bit weird, a bit different, and you don't really see that many about - probably because they are not very noticeable. Which is another good thing about them. I like the fact that they look a bit like scars.

I just don't know if they would work on my skin though. Because I am incredibly pale (there are albinos with better tans than I), a white tattoo could look kind of stupid. It probably wouldn't show up at all, and what a waste of money that would be.

But they're so pretty...


  1. Can't believe my blog is one of your favourites. Really means alot.

    I seriously want a white one aswell. I'm really considering looking into it, just because I think they look so much more delicate, and not dead obvious, like black ink. Ah, if only.


  2. It is, you post such lovely things.

    They really do look so nice. And they're nto going to go blue when you're old...


  3. They're beautiful. WANTWANTWANTWANT.
    I've been trying to decide what to get done for ages. I know I want my ivy but that seems too big to start with so maybe a small white tattoo might be the place to start.


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