Friday, 4 June 2010

Oh MY.

Did anybody else open this month's issue of Vogue and actually gasp at how stunning the new Chanel campaign is? Not just me, I hope. Oh. My. God. There is red. Red dresses. Red and black and that ridiculously beautiful green-gold bag (Gregory, if you're reading this - I want one for Christmas please?) I cannot find the campaign photos, so I'll post these from the last Cruise Collection instead - Chanel's Cruise Collection is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful things that Karl Lagerfeld creates.


  1. hey there... these pictures look very cool...
    oh. i hate graceful people to, and i have to be ond of those, cus' i' a ballet dancer..!
    if my ballet theacher will see me walking (more fulling) in the street she will freekout!!
    ;) wow i wrote WEY to much... visit here-

  2. Hey, Its ellena I can not find this months vogue issue in town anyway! hopefully tomorrow will bring more look. Personally I know prefer Elle. x


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