Monday, 14 June 2010

How did I forget to write about this?!

The May bank holiday weekend was the best weekend of my life, and I have realised that I have not yet posted about it! Because I am lazy and because I am tired (I have just returned from the absolutely fabulous Download festival), I will be mainly using visual aids.

Here is a synopsis of the weekend 28-31st May: The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster gig in York with Rachel (even better than Leeds), One Night Only at my uni summer ball, a grand day out to the Scarborough seaside with my pals Ruth and Katie, EVOLUTION FESTIVAL! with Hayley, missing Frankie & the Heartstrings (sob), seeing The Futureheads, seeing Paolo Nutini, a delicious italian meal, a search for a cash machine, bumping into Frankie and Michael of Frankie & the Heartstring fame, hugs and malibu and coke, pissing off a taxi driver with our 'oh my GOD!''s, a pleasant morning around Sunderland museum, Jacky Whites market, seeing I Blame Coco (beautiful), seeing The Horrors (LOVE), seeing Enter Shikari for the 8th time and it being absolutely unbelievably magnificent, being at the front and Chris Batten smiling at us, another OH MY GOD! taxi ride, some tasty pasta, an early train ride to work. Perfect.


  1. oh my GOD! in one weekend?! My friend Toby went to Download this weekend too, didyou go see Rage Against the Machine?

    And Faris looks beautiful.. even if I can't see his head haha :)


  2. yes, i was very tired haha.#

    i saw the end of Rage (including killing i the name of, of course) but i saw 30 seconds to mars instead as i am nto a huge rage fan. they were pretty good though, of what i saw!

    oh myyy faris was wonderful! but i've always always loved josh the most :')


  3. yeah, Toby preferred 30stm too :)
    Haha, there's some really funny interviews of the horrors (geek? yes.)

    I can't believe you're going to leeds fest!! I'll see you at Libertines ;)


  4. they were epci :D but nobody will ever be as epic as ac/dc were. i couldnt handle it it was that good!

    ohh yes ive seen a million interviews with them! i was OBSESSED a couple of years ago, but seeing them at Evo just brought it all flooding back :')

    YOU CERTAINLY WILL! i'll be the one crying with joy because pete hdoherty is singing can't stand me now xx


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