Monday, 21 June 2010

Oh my God. BRET.

Oh my God. Bret Easton Ellis is doing a book signing. In England. In England. In a place that I can actually get to. My God. I am going to meet Bret Easton Ellis. I am actually going to be in his presence. My hands are shaking.

I discovered this little piece of information this morning, after I had all but given up hope that he was going to come here. He is doing a book reading in Nottingham, and a signing in London, and I think I would prefer to go to the signing. At least that way I definitely get to meet him. I love him. Oh my goodness!

I am so excited that I am having a bit of trouble breathing.


  1. wow! I knew about the signing but not the nottingham reading! do you have any info on the nottingham one like a link or something? i would love to go to that! x

  2. if you go on the waterstones website, there's information on there (in the events section, search author). its at some cinema and of course you have to buy tickets, but its only like a fiver. im definitely considering going to both though...


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