Wednesday, 2 June 2010

We Must Unite

If I haven't mentioned before how much I adore Enter Shikari, I know that I have at least written about their bass player, Chris Batten, and how glorious he is. ES are my very favourite band and I saw them for the eighth time this past weekend (expect a long blog about my epic bank holiday tonight), which is why I'm posting about them now. I'm still on a high from how perfect their show was.

Apart from their music, and how wicked they are live, and what nice, genuine lads they are, and what babes they are, the thing that is so special about Enter Shikari is that, of all the bands out there, I think they are the ones that are sending out the best message to people. The things that they promote, and the things that they believe in, are things that are actually going to help people or change people's lives. And what I personally find so special is that they actually, genuinely believe the things that they say. Me and Hayley were talking about this - we decided that they are not actually a political band. Not like, say, Rage Against the Machine, are a 'political' band. They are just a band with beliefs, and while I do not always agree with everything they say (mostly I do, but not always), I respect them more than I do any other band on the planet.
Listen to Hectic off their Common Dreads album. It's the song for our generation.
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